Advance Real-Time GPS Tracking System


WheelTrack.. Consider it Found

WheelTrack is one of the best GPS tracking solutions which can help you affordably manage your company’s vehicles, protect business and personal property, monitor/locate your assets. WheelTrack is an advanced, real-time and multi-language tracking system which is reliable and effective cutting edge GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management. It’s flexible, easy to use and cost effective GPS tracking system to track fleet activity online, within few seconds; your entire fleet is updated and visible through advanced & Geospatial Mapping Platform.

How it Works?

WheelTrack can be used for easily to track the moving objects around the globe.

GPS data and vehicle status is stored by a tracking device within the vehicle that is using a GPRS connection to send the data via the GSM operator to the Wheeltrack GPS Fleet Management Web based portal.
Users will access the Software, maps, and management reports via internet get fleet status

Geospatial Mapping Platform

WheelTrack provides many Geospatial Mapping Platforms which offers client scalable, stable, flexibility, and robustness for building and managing fleets. WheelTrack provides many Geospatial Mapping Platforms:
  1. Google Maps including Road, Satellite & 3D View.
  2. Custom Maps including specific areas defined or drawn of a client.
  3. Bing Maps, Comming Soon.