Advance Real-Time GPS Tracking System

      WheelTrack fleet operations are under constant pressure to deliver more efficiencies while maintaining a safe working environment for staff and protecting valuable assets. GPS fleet tracking is an essential tool for making every vehicle more effective, reducing costs and ultimately allowing bsiness and government to do more with less.

WheelTrack has full set of functionality to controll and manage fleets:

  1. Access Limitation of Functionalities could be sub categorized by creating sub-accounts.
  2. Access Permit and Limits could be assigned to thoese sub-accounts as per self satisfactory.
  3. Usage and Statistic report/log are stored for all events manipulated by client and sub-accounts.
  4. Similar vehicles could be differentiated by colors ranged up to 20 exceptional Icons.
  5. Vehicle Driver’s Status can be enlightened.
  6. Map properties customization and vehicle status of the user using pop up could be maintainded.
  7. Convenient Grouping within any digits can be categorized for the Vehicles.